What is imaginal visioning? What is it good for?  This is a new website for sharing information about imaginal visioning theory, processes, and various types of media illustrating it in action.

Stated simply, imaginal visioning is the use of  “higher” intuition for guidance in the making of wise choices–often about the future, in which the term prophetic foresight, is an appropriate term for proactive information that has a moral component for making wise decisions. These terms are introduced in a 15 minute video, “Imaginal Visioning for Prophetic Foresight Video.”  Click here to see the slides used in this video presentationl, and here for an additional one page introduction.

Imaginal Visioning for Prophetic Foresight” is a refereed article in the Journal of Futures Studies, September, 2012, 17(1): 5-24.  An expanded preprint of this article contains essential foundational concepts that exceeded the tight length limitations of the published article.

The visioning methods described in “Imaginal Visioning for Prophetic Foresight” are directly relevant for resiliently weathering the disruptive possibilities presented in the Anticipating Disruptive Change page of this website.  Related content is featured in other pages of this website as well as my other primary websites: OliverMarkley.com and InwardBoundVisioning.com.

Looking forward…

Oliver Markley, PhD
Professor Emeritus, Human Sciences and former Chair,
Studies of the Future, University of Houston-Clear Lake,
Principal,  InwardBoundVisioning.com, and ImaginalVisioning.com
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