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I have a variety of published articles on futures-oriented visioning which will go here when the site is fully built. Mental Time Travel. One of the most important of these is “Mental time travel: A practical business and personal research tool for looking ahead” (Futures, 2008).  A preprint can be viewed here; a .pdf copy of the published version is available to colleagues upon request. (+)  Please note that this article may soon be rewritten to reflect recent advances in imaginal visioning theory and practice that can be seen here.

Experiencing the Needs of Future Generations” is a mental time travel exercise that I have used dozens of times with groups of all types, ranging from corporate executives to elementary school children. It is an ideal way to introduce people to the idea of experientially exploring the future in order to make better decisions in the present. Here is a one hour video of my leading this exercise for coaches in the Texas Future Problem Solving Program on July 21, 2010: Our Impacts on Future Generations Video. And here is the script for the exercise you can download:  Our Impacts on Future Generations Script.

Archetypal Scenarios.   “Alternative Images for the Future of Cities” is a recent presentation that featured several entertaining videos from YouTube on the future of cities; followed by the derivation of five “archetypal” scenarios, and a bit of experiential visioning.  The scenarios are:

  1. “VUCA” world of rapidly increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity—an  “Expected” or Present Trends Extended (PTE) future
  2. Civilizational Disintegration–a “Challenging” or worst case future
  3. Reformative Civilizational Recovery—an “Aspirational” or “Visionary” future
  4. Civilizational Enlightenment—an “Adaciously Visionary / Aspirational”or best case future
  5. Singularity—an alternative “Adaciously Visionary / Aspirational” future

Click the following links for an audio recording of the presentation,  the PowerPoint  visuals that were used, and/or a note documenting the Five Archetypal Futures scenarios more fully than are in the pack of visuals.

Aspirational Visioning. On June 17, 2013, I presented an all day workshop on “Aspirational Visioning:  Strengthening Your Intuitive Capacity for Improved Insight, Foresight and Wise-Choosing” at the Institute for Alternative Futures. Click here for the PowerPoint visuals used in the workshop.

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